Monday, February 11, 2019

A call from school, means a skip of the heartbeat!

07/02/2019: It was a day that started like any other. But was not to be. By around 11.30 am, I get a call from a teacher at my younger one's school that she had a small fall during break time at class, is vomiting and hence will take her to a hospital, which hospital, and so on....

Heart racing, almost feeling a blackout myself, I gather myself, tell them a hospital, call my hubby and dash out. Seconds grow into eternity, while we wait impatiently for her to be brought to the hospital from school. The prayers fly thick and fast, heavenward. Wishing upon wish, that nothing untoward has happened!

Hubby has his heart in his mouth all along. We don't look at each other. I just mumble, she'll be alright, nothing can happen to her. Finally, the teachers arrive. She looks pale, a bit dazed, but okay. A sigh of relief. They wheel her into the emergency room, and we follow suit.

Teacher says, she had a fall in the classroom, not sure how exactly and no outward injury, but vomited a couple of times and also on the way to the hospital. Doc asks my daughter, and she says she slipped, the top of her head hit the ground, not too hard, no giddiness or headache, just this vomiting. So they decide to keep her under observation, a precaution for any head injury. They place a strip on the tongue to avoid the vomiting, but she vomits soon after. Heart begins to race again! Then they place another strip…she vomits again. Doc & nurse worried. I check with my daughter, she says it’s because the strip tastes weird, and then they gave a pill, instead of the strip.

She’s tired with all the vomiting and the fuss, and manages to get some sleep. Then she heard some sounds, of a nurse discussing her vomiting episode, woke up and vomited again! Now I was praying fervently that the vomiting would end, because she didn’t seem to have any other problem because of the fall…but if it continued, the next thing they would do is go for a CT Scan to rule out possibilities.

She went back to sleep, and when she got up, she looked better and refreshed, she wanted to go back home. It's when she narrated what really happened. She tried the Chakrasana (Yoga - Wheel Pose) to show off to her friends that she can do it, but unfortunately her hands slipped and she landed on her head. We wanted to laugh, and cry all the same... All for a Chakrasana!

Then the Emergency doc came in, said he spoke to the Neuro Surgeon who was in OT, and he had suggested some injection for oedema if any and to stop the vomiting. So the nurse inserted the canula tube in a vein and started with the injection by drip. Soon after, another Neuro surgeon came on his rounds, checked on her, decided she was fine and didn’t need the injection (Phew! Wish he’d come a little earlier, so she didn’t have to bear the pain of the canula insertion!). He said, just wait for about 2 hours, and if no more vomiting, she can go home. A long sigh of relief!

Now we just waited eagerly for time to run by, so we can get going. By around 5 pm, the first Neuro Surgeon who was consulted came to check, said she was okay to discharge. Our hearts jumped with joy. A smile finally emerged in Hubby’s lips. He was ready to get the moon for her, if she had asked for it! We thanked the Lord, and went back home. Hmmm....All is well, that ends well!

And for the next two days, she was treated like a Queen.


Destiny's child... said...

My own heart was in my mouth as I read this. Thank God she was ok. Having a kid just pushes this worry button in you which you never knew existed. Phew!

Chakrasana, never ever again!!!!!

Haddock said...

No posts for a long time ?????