Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The calm before the storm?

After many many days, I'm finding some time to breathe...that is now. A small respite from work, work and all work, that has made me a tad bit dull! I sure have my queue of jobs, but all awaiting "the brief", so I decided to call it a break. The calm before the storm, no doubt. But might as well enjoy the calm while it lasts, rather than cry about the impending storm! PHEW!!!

Well, April-May is perhaps the toughest time for working mothers in India. What with kids at home, doing nothing worthwhile, simply lazying about, watching TV, fighting with each other, messing up the place....and everything to drive you nuts! All attempts to get my elder daughter to focus on something more constructive has failed thus far! Albeit, half a day till tomorrow, she's occupied by a small camp for kids at Church. After that, only God knows how I'll keep my sanity, through the day.

Sadly, my little one all of 4, is down with a strange viral fever with little bumpy rashes on her arms and legs, since the last couple of days, and to make matters worse, she's got 2 blisters in her mouth. Not chicken pox, the doc said...just a viral bout - mild fever with the above symptoms. Must be the heat. The fever's gone (in 2 days), but she's not eating anything because of those blisters. More or less on a liquid diet of juices, milk & soup. Sometimes, she gets so cranky and throws up a tantrum from the time she gets up, that I feel helpless, and soon that helplessness turns to impatience. I hope she gets well soon.

One thing that is keeping my spirits up is, my sister is landing on the 24th...reason enough to celebrate, bcoz that's when we indulge in a vacation to nearby places. And to top it, it's my mom's birthday on the 24th. Last year too, my sis was here around that time, and the dinner celebrations were rollicking fun with the family. We're looking forward to more fun this time :)

Well, as I was writing this, I had to take a couple of breaks. To attend to work, what else! So much for "breathing" time!!! And yes, work beckons...so ciao and don't forget to share your holiday experience ( kids' holiday experience if you are a parent or your own)....

And pray, I don't get caught up in the storm!