Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Workaholic blues

From months of hectic work, down to zero work! Half a day gone, checking mails like a mail-hooked-female every other minute, but still no new brief. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

With long hours in front of the computer, stressful deadlines, blood shot eye and aching head or back from all the strain, there were times when all briefs began to sound like the death knell...

God, I sure was longing for this break, but when it came, I find myself bored silly! There's so much I could have done in the meantime, but the addiction to work has incapacitated me from doing anything else. Like reading a book or writing a blog, or at least sorting my files or getting my computer fixed. But my gluteus maximus (that is, my butt) appears to be glued to my chair, and my eyes transfixed on my desktop; everything else, just blurred and hazy.

I was so caught up in this empty trance, waiting for the morsel of work, my bread and butter, to be thrown at me. Mouth drooling, ears flapping, tail wagging and all, like an eager puppy. But nothing!

I check my mail again, still nothing. Am I so obsessed and blinded with work that I can’t think of anything else? Not even when there’s no work? Guess that’s who they call workaholic, and I sure need a shot or two to cheer me up...