Monday, June 08, 2015

The Cityzen

When I went to Chennai - I never thought I would be able to get over the soaring temperatures, the "floody" monsoons, the snarling traffic or the culture, language or food for that matter. I never did, but I miss the place dearly. 

When I got to Mumbai, the 1 hour suburban train travels, the pushy people, the 1 room-kitchen concept apartments and the crammed-up luxury was something I wanted to run away from. But within a month's time, it became home, and every other city was just not good enough. 

When I landed in Cochin, the beauty of the place was too good to be true, but the pace of the people was too slow to realize they were moving, the traffic jams through unplanned narrow roads were too much to take (I missed the suburban trains that were always on the dot), the choice of work was dull, the life after 9 pm was dead....and I could go on, but well, I've found my place and am loving each moment of it in my own "comfort zone". 

So I guess, it's not really the place, but your perspective and appreciation of what lies within that makes each place likable and feel like home. And thus, this cityzen is learning to enjoy every place for what it really is!