Friday, February 10, 2017

Take just a moment

Take just a moment to look around
Appreciate the beauty that does abound;
Why then do you keep that frown
When everything is fine from morn to sun down?

Take just a moment to look inside
With the dearest of family beside;
Why then do you sweat and fret
When you have everything you can get?

Take just a moment to listen
To the rain splash on your window and glisten;
Why then do you in summer cry
Of water, power, all and sundry?

Take just a moment to hear
To your heart and to others’ tear;
Why then do you want to weep
When the going gets just a little steep?

Take just a moment to smell
The fragrance of roses you can tell;
Why then do you crib about a little sneeze
When your blessings never seem to cease?

Take just a moment to breathe
The symbol of life in you indeed;
Why then do you complain of life
When you have just no strife?

Take just a moment to speak
To those who are down and meek;
Why then do you forget to call
When you have not felt a pall?

Take just a moment to talk
With sweet words that can melt a rock;
Why then do you end in yell
And feel like you’ve just been to hell?

Take just a moment to touch
Those who need you much;
Why then do you not understand
When you have above a mighty hand?

Take just a moment to feel
The joy in reaching out to heal;
Why then do you run away
Instead of making it a happy day?

So go on, take just a moment
'Coz life on earth to you is lent;
Dwell in every precious moment
And serve others, for that’s how it is meant!