Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This month has been a bit weird for me, in the sense that things just seem to be getting lost without a trace. And my memory seems to be lost in the mayhem as well!

First it was my Voter’s ID Card. I had applied for a colour-laminated Voter’s ID Card a couple of months back. It arrived last weekend, but the Booth Level Officer (BLO) wanted me to return the old Voter’s ID card. I searched high and low, in my regular documents folder, and all the possible safe places, and literally ransacked the whole house, but no trace of it! Very unlike me, to lose things and not find it!

I went in flashback mode. I remember very clearly taking the Voter’s ID Card out of its safe place about a month back as an ID & address proof to collect a speed-post from the Post Office since it was returned from my old address. Then, for some reason, I didn’t find time to put it back in its place. Instead, it stayed in my handbag.

Then about a month back, when I went to Hyderabad with family on vacation, I remember before leaving home my hubby had told me specifically to leave the Voter’s ID Card behind and take only our Aadhaar cards as ID proof for the travel. From then, it’s a blank. I don’t remember where I might have relocated the Voter’s ID Card. But it seems to have just disappeared! I spent hours and days looking for it, but no luck. And I’ve given up on the search. Today I sent the BLO a letter informing that I’ve misplaced the old Voter’s ID card.

Then came the curious case of the missing Axe oil. My sis had got me a couple of bottles of Axe oil from the Middle East. Of course there were other goodies she’d got us – clothes, chocolates, cheese, nuts, gifts for the kids, OH, and so on. With a hand full of bags, I went home and stashed the different bags in wardrobes, kitchen & crockery shelves, and such places. Don’t remember where I might have kept the axe oil. But can’t find it anywhere. What I did find out was, that it’s lost!

Then yesterday, I discovered that an amount supposed to have received in payment was not recorded. Fact is, I don’t even remember receiving the amount. Lost or spent - no idea, but it seems to have been lost from memory!

Three incidents in one month was enough to drive me crazy, wondering why my memory failed me, and worried if it’s just a hint of what is to come. Some lost items, and one desperate mind trying to find it in the deep recesses of memory...with no luck!