Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tribute to Dad, on his 70th Birthday

As you reach an important milestone in life
I want to say, that all along, you’ve been a great dad;
From childhood to adulthood to parenthood
You’ve always been there, telling good from bad;

You may have never sat beside me
Or listened patiently to my joys or woes;
But I know you’ve watched me from a distance
Allowing me to blossom, without standing in the way;

You have taught me to stand up for myself
Do things and go places on my own;
So never have I felt more free and independent
Than under the safety of your wings;

Not one who cared much for outward expressions
You led us by unspoken words and unwritten rules;
You held the unseen reins, that has shaped us
And allowed us to grow, head over our shoulders;

Your actions have always spoken louder than words
Your principles have greatly moulded our character;
And with mom by your side, to fret and fuss over us
You struck the balance, that has made us stronger;

Though you didn’t chase us to chase any wild dreams
You took pride in our every achievement;
And every time you bragged about us to the world
It boosted our confidence, yet kept us grounded;

You’ve never interfered in my choices
But have greatly influenced my decisions;
I am who I am, I’ve become who I chose to be
Because you’ve let me be me, happy and free;

Thank you dad, for such memories are plenty
As I now wish you a happy seventy;
May you stay blessed with prosperity
And remain happy, hale and hearty!

Your loving daughter