Sunday, January 31, 2010


Better late than never. So here I am.

I had to literally vanish from blogsphere. No maid. It was sort of like a relay. Morning, up at 5.30, send elder daughter to school by 7 (that included packing her bag, her lunch, her snacks....), baby wakes up before or after, thrust bottle into her mouth, no she didn't go back to sleep, she just got her energy feed to make me run around her, manage to cook the breakfast and lunch in between, clean up (can't skip that, bcoz baby walks around with her lens to pick up the tiniest speck I might have missed and put in her mouth), give baby her bath (she hates to come out of it, so there's a struggle there as well!), have breakfast, pack lunch, take a bath, get dressed, drive down to mom's place which is close by, drop-off parcel (baby!), rush to work swearing at the I'm-not-in-a-hurry type of drivers who won't let you pass (it would already be past 10 am by then, and my work hours are supposed to start at 9.30 am), a pile of work waiting for me, only time seemed to pass, the work list only got bigger, at the fag end of the day - work followed me out of the door, the drive down to mom's place, pick up both daughters, drive down home, no it doesn't end there, there's dinner to cook, eat, clean up, get things ready for the next day, phew! It was a marathon. And I'm glad it has ended.

We got a maid yday. So far so good. A bit hard of hearing (I may have to better my sign language skills). But, she seems to be ok otherwise. She made some delicious beef curry today. God bless her. I hope the baby takes to her.

The other long overdue story, is that of my trip to Kuwait, with family, to celebrate Xmas & New Year with my sis & family. Had a great time.

  • Sightseeing/Fun - Kuwait Towers, Entertainment City, Scientific Centre & Aquarium, Beach Side.

  • Movies - Avatar (3D) at the iMAX in 360 deg Mall, Under the Sea (3D) at the Scientific Centre, Motor Race (4D) at the Entertainment City.

  • Shopping/Window Shopping at the many Malls & Gold Souk.

  • Visiting Friends & Relatives

  • Fine Dining - At Ruby Tuesday (Continental - some yum scrum seafood delicacies, dessert and drink), Nandos (Portuguese - Mild, hot, very hot chicken & lamb delicacies), Chocolate (Yummy Chocolate Fondu & pudding), Satchi (Japanese - tried Sushi & Maki), Mc Donalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and such restaurants. We also got to have Arabic Food (can't remember the names of the dishes, but they were good!), Thai Food (loved the Tom Yum soup), Indian Chinese Food, Kerala Food and Arabic Sweet

  • In short - A splendid holiday and a good break from our routine.

Now, looking forward to our next holiday. And hoping to get back to blogging. If time (read 'maid') permits, that is!