Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

My personal BHAG (For those of you who are not familiar with the term: Pronounced Bee-hag, abbrev. of Big Hairy Audacious Goal, it actually means a strategic medium-long term business goal that sounds audacious but is not impossible) had no "big hair" in it, though "audacious" had quite a few occurrences; I've had no fetish for long-straight hair at all!

34 years of living with short hair, it sort of grew on me. Then a friend nudged me to grow my hair, and the parlour I went to for a hair-cut convinced me that I should grow my hair at least till shoulder length, saying it would suit me better (and would not make my neck look so 

But as always, it seemed to take ages, and with growing frustration and falling hair, I finally gave up and rushed to the Salon to have my hair chopped off. The Tibetan hairstylist coaxed me to try straightening and I DID! My friends were just as surprised as I was to see that long hair didn't look too bad on me, after all! 

But now my own wavy hair is growing out those smooth strands and I'm not too sure if I want to straighten it or have it cut short. With the amount of hair fall, one thing I do know is, if I chop it off, I'm never ever going to grow it back to this length again. So maybe (just "maybe") I'll give it one more go, try a funky hairstyle or something with my loooong hair (now it's grown a bit longer than what you see in the pic). BHAG, you think? 

Will let you know, if I successfully get to keep my hair long, for a bit longer, and if the hairstylist (still hunting) can actually give me a funky hairdo, something that suits me!


sundar said...

For us outsiders (no we do not need to do any goal setting for growing long hair like Benny (ABBA),he he), such BHAG goals seem impossible, wild and unachievable, but with your confidence in your resouces, know-how, and capability to achieve BHAG, yo can stretch to the extent possible even though the hair is going to be stretched to the limit.

sundar said...

From out side it may seem impractical, wild and unachievable, with the confidence in your resources, technical know-how, you still can stretch to the extent possible.

The Holy Lama said...

Well..well. this is a pleasant surprise - that long hair on you. Wonder what happened to the original BHAG guy

Smita said...

*same pinch*

I too have been trying to grow hair on the insitence of every one around me. But yes nothing is better than a short hair cut in this world. hassle free.

Good luck to you :)

Bikram said...

All the best :)

You know I got my hair cut and then after that I have tried letting them grow but they just would not ... :(


Shilpa Garg said...

With the hair length greater than that in the pic, you sure can have a cool hairstyle! Go for it!
Look forward to your New Funky Look! Vaise have not seen the current you too! :D

Rama Ananth said...

When I had long wavy hair, for years, I simply got fed up. and finally got them cut into an almost boy cut. I loved my short hair,no hassles, no upkeep. Of course once in a while i would be tempted to grow my hair, when I saw people with long hair, and would let it grow for six to eight months, looking awful all the time, for unless one somehow crossed that unbearable look one cannot get to grow hair.
However, I would get fed of looking so awful, that one fine day, i would once again go and get it cut.
I have tried this growing thing at least,3/4 times. and now I have decided never to get tempted to grow if I was not determined to go pass that intermediate phase of looking ugly.
I really envy people who have some how passed that stage to finally have the long air they desire.
Your hair looks great, keep it for next time if you chop them off it might not be possible to get them growing.

Kavi said...

Good luck to you indeed !!! :)

Destiny's child... said...

Let's see how long it grows and then may be you can have some really stylish hair cut. :)

Insignia said...

Haaa been there :) I big a sad adieu to my shoulder length pigtail few months ago; I wanted to leave it but hair fall! Good luck to you.

Ellen said...

Whatever makes you happy should be it. The trick is in the maintenance, if you're good to your hair - it will be good to you.

Good luck. Blessings!

Reflections said...

I've always liked women in short hair. If I had the courage & if 2 people around me encouraged I'd just chop off all the hair for a 'bobcut';-D
My sister has short hair...when she grows beyond a certain length she falls sick & then ends up cutting it. No logic I knw;-).

Rachna said...

This year I've also been growing my hair. And, I have curls too but I've decided no chemical treatments. I love the natural waves in my hair now :).