Friday, January 09, 2015

Will my maid make it tomorrow?

A million dollar question! And my life seems to be riding on it...

My maid has been off this whole week as she has been unwell, and we've been surviving on bread, chappatti, noodles and eat-outs. What's worse, is the cleaning to do around at home. I so dread this unfavourable position that I'm in, and every extra chore that I need to do at home because of my maid's absence, I'm swearing under my breath. Nothing can perhaps put me off more than my maid's indefinite leave!

At one end, I feel sad for  my maid and her helpless situation. On the other end, I'm thinking of myself and my home, the dust that's been gathering, the dishes in the sink that take away my precious hours, the cleaning up that's been unkind to my back, the dreadful thought of what to pack for my kids for lunch...and such else, that I'm fuming all the way from my gut. All said and done, I guess I have no option, but pray she gets well soon.

"Will you come back tomorrow, my sweet maid? I'm nearly on my knees!"


Bikram said...

:) well either the prayer or DIY .. do it yourself

Lucky you got a maid ... here I am the maid :)


KParthasarathi said...

You are lucky in a way as she has told you beforehand about her absence and reason therefor.Most of the ilk do not inform and their mobiles switched off.
Can you not minimize your dependence with a dishwasher installed in your home?