Monday, June 07, 2010

A workaholic’s T20 confessions

  1. Someone who’s so addicted to work, that everything seems double.
  2. Starts with one, then mixes a couple of other. After a heady cocktail, starts all over again.
  3. Stays slumped in the chair, with a morose expression and a blank screen under the pretext of “thinking”.
  4. When there’s a call, swears (Gosh…work is also a 4-letter word people!) and drawls over the r’s and the l’s. Unintelligible conversation pursues.
  5. Calls everybody else a “moron”, thinks everything else is “funny”.
  6. Hates going to a meeting, and stifles the irrepressible yawn begging to be excused with the lamest of excuses “Oxygen depletion”.
  7. Staggers around, drunk in a pile of work.
  8. No hiccups, just goes on gulping it down, sometimes bottoms-up.
  9. Smiles when the work is piling. Laughs when it hits the ceiling.
  10. Is always right. Can’t argue there.
  11. Ain’t a stickler for time. Deadlines, yes. But not the coming in or going out.
  12. And once in, doesn’t bother to leave till the lights are out and the shutters are half down.
  13. Will work-ass-off or kick-ass to get work done.
  14. Got nothing to confide. Life is an open book. And the workplace gets most of the waking hours.
  15. No one questions, not even the big B. Comes dirt cheap, yet very effective you see.
  16. Rub salt, some lime and down a tequila. You’ll know what I mean. Got some more peanuts?
  17. Can’t stay off it, sometimes. Not even some weekends or those weak-days!
  18. Maybe it’s the hangover of yesterday. The head is pounding.
  19. The watering hole beckons. The bartender is ready with the cocktail.
  20. I’m headed to a de-addiction centre instead. Enuff said. 


KParthasarathi said...

Hilarious.Enjoyed reading.Thanks

A New Beginning said...

Thats quite a hang over!!

Kavi said...

Well, which one ? I am curious to know. You could bump into me !


The Holy Lama said...

True colours revealed. And the heady mix of creativity and work has pegged you a notch higher. Superb post, my dear.

RGB said...

@ Partha, Glad u enjoyed reading the post.

@ A New Beginning, The hangover doesn't cease. My head is still spinning...what with all the work left to do!

@ Kavi, hee, hee...cheers to that!

@ The Holy Lama, Now my head has touched the ceiling. Thanks for your magnanimous comments dear :)

Destiny's child... said...

whatta superb post! lol @ all points...rofl at no.9 :D..seen that happen!

Insignia said...

Hehehehe...You seem to have got SLOSHED and still fighting the HANGOVER of work :-)

Hilarious ones :-)

RGB said...

@ Destiny's Child, Glad u like it. Actually, you must've seen most of it happen :)

@ Insignia
Sloshed for sure...and can't get over the hangover! hee, hee!!

Jon said...

I am a terrible anti-workaholic...and ends up at the bottom always

But you 4get to mention- management loves them...:)

RGB said...

@ Jon, I did mention in a rather sarcastic manner actually...refer point no.15. Plus, this workaholic doesn't believe in the KMA (Kiss-My-Ass) policy - only 'Kick-Ass':)

Thanks for stopping by.