Sunday, January 30, 2011

Parenting Joys

  1. Topic of conversation / Icebreakers: Kids are the subject of conversation, small talk or big talk, among friends or even strangers - helps break the ice.
  2. Pass time / Time pass: When you are stuck in an unknown place or among unknown people and have to while away time without feeling out of place, kids de-alienate you - You can talk to them, fuss around them...they enjoy the dedicated attention and you enjoy their company all the more. 
  3. Boredom busters: When there's nobody else at home and nothing else to do, kids are free amusement/entertainment. You never get bored with them around.
  4. Item to flaunt: You can brag and flaunt...even their tiniest achievements, and feel your chest swelling with every word you speak about them.
  5. Preferential treatment: In a crowded train / bus, ticket counter or any waiting area, with a kid seated on your waist, you are bound to get special treatment - be offered a seat or allowed to jump the queue and such else.
  6. Talk gibberish and be understood: You can talk  gibberish, with a sweet tone, nodding your head and waving your hands and get the sweetest giggle from your little ones. They can talk gibberish, and you can understand it too, quite effortlessly.
  7. Get away with being late: Late to work, late for party, late for just about anything, point the finger at your kids, and you are let scot-free!
  8. Feel like a child again: You relive your childhood through them. Start from scratch. Learn all over again. 
  9. Free exercise machine: Running around kids is like having a free treadmill!
  10. Test of Patience: Ahh....I think I'm soon running out of it!!
There's more of course. And I'm enjoying every bit of it. Would like to hear the version of other mommy & daddy bloggers too :)

PS: Perhaps my next blog will be about Parenting woes!


    Shilpa Garg said...

    Agree completely with every word!!
    Your daughters are lovely and cute!! :)

    Rajlakshmi said...

    //finger at your kids, and you are let scot-free!// hahahaha :D
    thats a very sweet post :D

    Destiny's child... said...

    Kids are free entertainment, yes :)
    And I am sure mommyhood is a lot of fun :)

    Unknown said...

    I loved the #6. Talking gibberish and making sense out of it. Very true.

    11. Have a different prespective - We would look at things in a different way when pointed to by a kid,rather than we ourselves glance at it.

    12. Redefine the rule of neatness - Anything which is not 'ultra-filthy' is neat.

    Rachna said...

    Wonderful! I completely agree especially with point 10 :). Kids teach us the importance of forgiveness. They easily forgive and come into our arms, something which adults find hard to do. Kids provide a great past time with us trying to figure out which physical and behavioral attribute belongs to mom or dad. I loved this post!

    Jon said...

    Well the next post is going to be Parenting challnges ?!!

    Rama Ananth said...

    Kids are always very cute especially kids that are not naughty. We use baby language with them, I know some people don't like baby talk that adults do with their kids, but i just can't speak in any other way with them.
    Now babies are all gone from my life but I still have a dog and I always baby talk with her and she also loves it. My husband keeps making fun of me, but i am like that only.
    Your kids are so cute.

    Tomz said...

    Happy to know ur parenting joys. Waiting for ur parenting woes.

    Vaudeville of Exhilaration said...

    Kids for sure are boredom busters, they entertain you thorougly and bring smile to your face and every kid has an ability of doing so.. Love them...

    BK Chowla, said...

    We dont seem to realise as to how much does one learn from the children.
    Great post.

    Anonymous said...

    Adorable bachaas. :) In total agreement. Enjoy while they are still bachaas. Woes and joys take a whole new turn when they become teenagers!!!! :(

    Bikram said...

    2. Perfect you can have fun with kids ,I enjoy when kids come over and we play on my ps3 they are so competitive :)

    3. same you can play anything with them

    10. OH beleive me It gets tested every days since i moved to the ASB team I KNOW :) each day its like how am i surviving withou killing anyone :)

    and WELCOME back you written after ages


    Insignia said...

    Nice!! It sure must be fun.
    Now share the woes :)

    Ashwin Wilson said...

    I am not a fan of kids, and so I am eagerly waiting for your next post!

    walk2write said...

    I like your list of joys. Keep focused on them when the woes start to knock at your door.

    My mom used to tell me when I was being naughty or stubborn that I would be repaid someday when I had kids of my own. It's true! This past weekend, my husband noted the continuation of said compensation when our grandson refused to listen to reason from his dad. The two dads shared a good laugh.

    sm said...

    good list

    The Holy Lama said...

    Super list. agree with all of them.

    dr.antony said...

    Childhood disappears so fast,before you realize,they grow up. Enjoy every moment and give them cherished memories to grow up with.

    RGB said...

    @ Shilpa Garg,
    Thank you Shilpa:) They can make you laugh and cry at the same time!

    @ Rajlakshmi,
    ha, ha...yeah:D Thank you!

    @ Destiny's child,
    Totally! And I'm having my share of fun :P

    @ sreejith thampi,
    Thanks. Agree with #11 & #12 too :P

    RGB said...

    @ Rachna,
    You are sooooo right! Sometimes I feel ashamed of myself when kids show me how to forgive & forget just like that! All good traits of kids are naturally "mine", and the bad ones....papa's LOL!

    @ Jon,
    Sort of. Hope I can bring myself to write about it sometime soon :)

    @ rama,
    yeah...without kids, life would have been dull & routine. They bring joy & cheer with the naughty li'l sweet things they do or say. Baby talk is a nice way to connect with kids. Nice that you now have a pet to try your baby talk on ;P

    @ Tomz,
    It's the woes that perhaps doubles the joy. Hope to blog abt it sometime soon.

    RGB said...

    @ Vaudeville of exhilaration,
    Right, they bring joy & new meaning into our lives. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around more often.

    @ BK Chowla,
    Oh, we've got a lot to learn from them. I guess we become more complete with kids around. Glad you like the post.

    @ Jyothi,
    The funny thing is, kids will be kids to parents no matter how big they are. And it might be a bit annoying for kids to be treated that way, when they grow up! I don't know what's in store for me tomorrow, but for now, I'm enjoying the precious little time that I get to spend with my li'l kids!

    RGB said...

    @ Bikramjit,
    Kids are fun (and funny!) indeed :P

    Oh, tell me about it...they can get on my nerves and I sometimes think I need to practice yoga to keep me cool LOL!

    It's been has been hectic and back home hectic-er!

    @ Insignia,
    Fun, it sure is. What else it could be, wait and see (next blog)!

    @ Ashwin,
    Wasn't a fan of kids myself until I had my own. With the next post, hope I don't terrify expecting (or aspiring!) parents...LOL!

    RGB said...

    @ walk2write,
    It's certainly not easy bringing up children...phew! And yeah, what goes around, comes around :D

    @ sm,
    Thanks :)

    @ The Holy Lama,
    Thanks. Hoped to see your additions to the list :)

    @ dr.antony,
    Yup, time is flying by. Before you know it, they're all grown up. Hope to create wonderful experiences for them, to cherish for a lifetime!

    A New Beginning said...

    Enjoyed every bit of your blog post RGB, though Im not a parent yet, but still I believe being a mother is like holding the greatest degree :)

    Anonymous said...

    Wonderful bit of reading I have to admit. Well authored and valuable, thanks!

    RGB said...

    @ A New Beginning,
    Glad you like it :) Oh yeah, it's the most difficult yet satisfying experience! Totally worth it :)

    @ Anonymous,
    Spam / somebody who wants to stay anonymous, not sure. Thanks anyway:)

    radha said...

    I send my kids ( they are adults now, but it does not make any difference ... they are the babies still) to get me the extra helping of dessert at buffets, when I do not want to be seen giving in to my sweet tooth. And yes, they indeed are great time pass.

    Aleta said...

    Love this list - it's sweet and honest :) I hope that Greg and I will one day be able to enjoy the list...

    Ok, bring on the Parenting woes. What's the other side of the pretty coin?

    Sandhya said...

    Bring up kids can be tough at the same time fun! We never know that we have got so much patience!

    No.5...Just an year back, my grand niece was at home and she was just 6 months old. While feeding her cerelac, I was making so many sounds, the baby was giggling continuously! And my son recorded it! Now, he plays it often and I feel embarassed!

    Will wait to read about the woes, now! I have gone through both!

    Ellen said...

    Oh yeah, all that you've said and a thousand and one more. Lols :-) Thanks for coming up with this enlightening and entertaining piece. God bless you and your family.

    Nona said...

    Nice compilation. :)

    sm said...

    beautiful joys list
    beautiful pic

    Rachna said...

    hahaha Loved the point about all bad traits belonging to papa. I do that too ;-).

    Joseph Pulikotil said...

    You are absolutely right.

    Now that my children are grown up I miss those little one so much.They were the main purpose of my life, my efforts,my thoughts, my living.They wanted me for everything and even if tell the most foolish stories they will enjoy it and want more.I used to run with them,eat with them, joke with them, carry them piggy back and on my shoulders.

    Sine they have grown up they have their own amusements,friends and things to do and I am no longer the centre of their attraction.

    So I was forced to find other diversions to keep me busy and occupied.Yet I cannot forget those wonderful days till my dying day.

    Your post is wonderful and I felt a great longing for those enchanting days gone forever.

    Anonymous said...

    always remember you are blessed with two wonderful kids... god bless you and your family... hope i get a family of my own when the time comes :)

    Neena Sharma said... are write on all counts. Cute girls by the way

    RGB said...

    @ radha,
    ha, move, getting your kids to get the extra helping for you;P

    @ Aleta,
    Being a parent is a wonderful experience. Wishing Greg and you the very best.

    @ Sandhya,
    We become kids ourselves with kids around, quite unconsciously. I can imagine the embarassment of having to hear those funny sounds you might have made to bring your neice to giggle!

    @ Ellen,
    Thanks. There's sure many more to the list that makes parenting such a joyful experience.

    @ Nona,
    Thanks :)

    @ sm,
    Thank you :P

    RGB said...

    @ Rachna,
    hee, hee! Poor papa, he's the bad guy all the time ;P

    @ Joseph Pulikotil,
    My elder daughter is just 8 years and I already feel that she's grown up. Miss the little baby that she was! But I guess each phase is a wonderful discovery, not just of your kids, but yourself.

    @ Emmy,
    Yeah I will. Kids are a blessing indeed. Thanks for your warm wishes. And here's wishing you the very best!

    @ Neena,
    Thank you :)

    Linhy said...