Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wise or otherwise?

Her mouth wide open. Should she part with it? "It is mine", he said. She decided to let go...It had been gnawing at her every once a while, for dog years now. So well, she thought, might as well.

It was late one evening, a fine weekend at that, when she could have been relaxing at home, with her feet up some wine and some munchies, watching some random movie on TV. But it was an appointment she had to keep. She braced herself for the worst, and walked up to the man who would soon be done with it, showing no mercy or remorse whatsoever.

He was rather nice. Kept them in good humour. Them? Of course, her hubby accompanied her. It was when his wife would lose half her wisdom! The doc gave her a choice between left & right. Oh, both sides have to go eventually, but a few weeks apart, and she could choose which pair first. She chose the left,  bcoz the pain was more severe there.

The doc explained the procedure, displayed his tools (yeah, the hammer, pliers and the works :D), and went on to give her the anaesthesia so she won't feel a thing. And then it started getting heavy, her gums, her lips...slowly working its way to numbness. The AC was chilling her spine by then and she was shuddering quite visibly, almost going stiff when her hubby switched the AC off.

The doc began extracting, starting with the lower one. He pulled and tugged, and crack..."did the tooth break?" she worried. But the jubilant smile on the doc's face said otherwise. It was like a treasure he had dug. He then went on with getting the top one out. Pull, pull, tug, tug...and it was out as well. Another treasure!

She had mixed feelings. Should she have bid a final tearful adieu? Or should she have simply rejoiced, that half her tooth problems were now gone? Or should she have celebrated her "wise" or "otherwise" decision of doing away with half her wisdom, err...you know what?! She simply grinned, feeling the vacuum where once lay a pair of wisdom teeth, that just wouldn't fit in!


Rama Ananth said...

I still don't understand why we have wisdom teeth that has to be removed one day because they are so badly placed and painful. Good riddance to bad wisdom, that is what I would say.

RGB said...

True Rama. Funny why they call them wisdom teeth at all, when more than half the world seem to be better off without it!

Destiny's child... said...

Oh, the horror of it all. I love Ogden Nash for writing 'This is going to hurt just a little bit.' It's one poem I can completely relate to. Hope you are fine now.

RGB said...

@ Destiny's Child

Oh yeah, the Ogden Nash who rightly wrote "Some pains are physical, and some pains are mental, but the one that's both is dental."

Yup, I'm fine now. Dread to think of the next appointment for the other half!

Ellen said...

I should have said eeeoooowwww cos it's a dental thing -- I hate the dentist's chair. But nope I smiled instead. :-) I guess whoever said this was correct... 'it's in the telling'. You simply amused me with your telling.

Good luck on your next adventure :-D

Bikram said...

Heyyyyyyyy how are you doing .. planning to come back sometime ..

been a long long time


Unknown said...

Dear RGB, I read your blog on NCC RDC-1996 with great interest. Do you have any group photographs of the entire contingent that marched in the parade? (Kindly excuse if my request is out of place) Thank you, Ram

Ellen said...

I enjoyed reading your post because it brought back same memories.... sitting there in the dentist's chair was aaaarrghh! :-)