Friday, August 08, 2014

Random mood, random verse

I walked by the stream
With whispering winds blowing through my hair;
I gazed and gazed, at mountains afar
Till the evening mist descended, then clouded the clouds.

I talked to the trees
In a language of silence, touching the heart yet taking firm root;
I waded knee deep
Till the worries floated away, bringing back nothing but mirth.

I laughed like a child
When a burst of unruly rays pierced through the dark shroud;
And where it touched, shimmering like gold
Spreading light, and with it this verse of hope.


Aleta said...

This was beautiful!

Insignia said...

Verses of optimism and hope :)
Very nice lines.

Shilpa Garg said...

Lovely words!
And good to see you back, RGB! :)

Unknown said...

Nice expressions. Enjoyed reading them again and again.

RGB said...

@Aleta, thank you!

@Insignia, glad you like it :)

@Shilpa Garg, thanks and happy to be back. Just hope I can continue the spell :)

@Shri Ram, thanks very much. Good to hear you enjoyed reading it!

Bikram said...

ALmost a year later you wrote .. hello stranger :)

and you wrote this beautiful verse of hope .. beautiful

How are you doing .. good to see you back

remember me :)

RGB said...

Thanks Bikram! I know it's been a while (yeah yeah...looooong while), but of course I remember you :)

Tara said...