Monday, October 26, 2009

Who is He?

He seems to be really popular. He goes by many nicknames. Heard of him ever since I was born.

Everybody waits, what seems like an eternity, for an audience with him. He seems to be someone you can look up to in times of adversity. Most of them believe in the barter system for favours from him. Some of them put him on a pedestal, some believe he lives just next door and some others simply shun him and prefer to stay farthest from him.

Most countries or regions are separated because of his multiple personality. Most wars happen in his name. And yet they call him the all understanding being, when he is watching it happen right under his nose!

Why doesn’t he do anything to stop the nonsense preached and practiced in his name? Why does he prefer to stay anonymous and keep people guessing, rather arguing with each other – “I” know him better than “you”, “I” am right, and “you” are wrong, so on and so forth? Wouldn’t it have been easier if he came down and sorted it all out by himself?

The question remains, "who is he?". But fact remains, if it wasn’t for him, we would have been rudderless and without any focus. “Faith”, “hope” and “love” would perhaps have meant nothing without him.

It is our belief that keeps us going in times of trials and tribulations. It is he who keeps our feet firmly grounded when we are reaching higher and higher in pursuit of material gains. It is he who taught us to love, care and share, and reminds us subtly every time we fail to do so.

The many names, the many faces, the many places at all once, are perhaps his will. It is a small test to our faith. The stronger one remains, the more loving and caring one becomes, the closer you get to him. And our search for who he is, gives us a better insight of ourselves. We become more introspective, looking inwards rather than outwards, to check if we’re leading meaningful lives.

I realize I’m getting all preachy and philosophical here. Not sure why I broached this subject at all. Maybe it was all meant to be. Thank you for your patient hearing…err…reading!


A New Beginning said...

Hes omnipresent, giving each one of us the strength that we need:)
An Interesting way of writing a post..simple yet meaningful!

The Holy Lama said...

You in preaching mode is nothing but the Proof of the adage
Greying heads speak wise. :P. And congrats on becoming wiser

Destiny's child... said...

A very controversial subject this time!
Even I have wondered about All/most of the questions you have raised in this post.
It is very very subjective. Why don't people let others be?
I guess, I am ranting too....
Well written. :)

RGB said...

@A New Beginning, It is faith that has kept me going. So wanted to post something without sounding too preachy. Glad u liked the post.

@ The Holy Lama, Got myself a preacher's garb this morning and give you guys a small sermon there, didn't I?!

@ Destiny's child, It's a subject that has been doing the rounds for what seems like eternity, but is incidently the most difficult subject to discern. So we let the questions be and continue believing (to each his faith, they say!).

KParthasarathi said...

This is different .I liked it
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Aleta said...

I think this is a beautiful post. It isn't an easy subject to take on, especially on the Internet where the views are countless and people get hot under the collar. I'm a live and let live type. I believe in what I believe in, but I'm not going to force it down someone's throat. Excellent post!

Rush said...

Loved ur thoughts RGB, we strongly believe in him and it is this belief system that keeps us going , stronger by the day and wiser by the night.

Wat does RGB stand for??

RGB said...

@KParthasarathi, glad u liked my post. I enjoy reading your posts as well!

@Aleta, Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.

@Rush, you're right abt that. RGB could mean just abt anything...Red Green Blue for instance, which are the primary colours:) Thanks for stopping by.

Novice Writer said...

True, true. Very true...Ningalude vishvasam ningale rakshikkatte, alle? :-)

RGB said...

@Novice Writer...Meaning 'May your faith redeem/save you', right? Ah, I think I'm getting good at translation! Thanks for ur comments.

Novice Writer said...

Yes that is right! Very good:-) :-)

Kavi said...

Hmm. Profound stuff !! The world spins around. Doesnt it !

Hmm !! indeed.

RGB said...

@Kavi, Profound indeed! Thanks for stopping by.