Sunday, March 28, 2010

When darkness spoke

It was an hour everybody was counting down to. Or so I seemed to think. The hour came. Our apartment was plunged into darkness. There were a few other houses and apartments in our neighbourhood that followed suit. The others seem unaffected, going about their routine life as if nothing mattered to them. We groped our way in the darkness and got to the rooftop. There was an eerie silence. And it was dark. But we felt good.

It was earth hour. A campaign to raise awareness on climate change. A call to every individual, every business and every community throughout the world. To stand up, take responsibility, get involved and find a way towards a sustainable future.

If an hour of darkness (no lights, fans, AC, TV, Computer, Fridge, Washing Machine, Microwave, or any other electric appliances) can help make a difference, so be it. Because we understand if we don't do this something, someday it will not be a "choice", it would rather be "because there's no other alternative".

Wake up people. Do your bit. Turn off lights / fans / any other appliances, if you are not using them or if you step out of the room. If there are 4 in a family, instead of each occupying a separate room (with light, tv, ac/fan etc on), try to cuddle up in a single room, and bond with each other. Go outdoors with family & friends on weekends. Home after work, instead of being a couch potato looking at the idiot box 24x7 (the rest of your waking hours I mean), try spending quality time with family, talking to each other. If you're the last person to leave home / office, remember to switch off the mains. Take a shower in cold water, rather than use the Geyser. And other seemingly "little" things that can make a "big" difference.

The world is getting hotter by the day. Global warming they say. Sweat, sweat. Obviously, there’s more to it than switching off lights for one hour once a year during "Earth hour". It is about find a way / working together to create a sustainable low carbon future for our planet.

Do something guys. Say something guys.


Destiny's child said...

I must shamefully admit that at home, I am the one who leaves the fan turning, and the lights switched on even when I am not in a room. These days I am making a conscious effort to use electricity only when I need it. And yes, it feels good.:)
Great post, RGB. I hope everyone does their bit.

A New Beginning said...

yes, only if we realise how important it is, we would be able to contribute towards the whole world...our planet is indeed our resposibility.
thanks for sharing RGB :)

RGB said...

@Destinys Child,'s high time we make a conscious decision. It's now or forever 'darkness'.

@ A New Beginning,
Thanks for your comments. Hope each of us can take small steps (for a start) and help save our earth for the future.

Sorcerer said...

yes...saving the planet is a collective responsibility

this post is the need of the hour!

RGB said...

@ Sorcerer,
tks for stopping by. let's each do something and share the earth with generations to come.

The Holy Lama said...

Earth Hour. We earthlings come up with all peculiar days and hours and sudenly everyone imbibes the spirit, then it is forgotten. Hope we practise more judicious use of our resources or we will soon be studied as the species who once ruled the planet.

RGB said...

True lama. Shudder to even think of it. The day when roaches (perhaps the lone survivors!) study the existence of mankind (the species that thought of themselves as the most superior of them all!).

~G said...

Hey commenting a bit late, but on the said day my house plunged in darkness too. And we went trekking to this fort called Torana, so it was a complete Earth day, so to say!

RGB said...

@ G, Thanks for stopping by. better late than never, I'd say! Torana sure sounds interesting...