Sunday, April 18, 2010

Money Laundry

Some crisp currency clenched in my fist, I looked up, guilt writ across my face. I shouldn't have done it, blame it on being an "erring" mortal being!

Money laundry. Imagine that! No, I din't get it wrong. I did not pinch anybody else's money. So the subject I embark upon is obviously not "money laundering", as you would have imagined. What with all the brouhaha of money-laundering in the IPL (read "Indian Political League" and "Indian Premier League"). This is simply about forgetfully leaving some money in your pocket, only to "find" or rather "discover" it perhaps months later, crushed yet crisp, after the soaking, washing, twisting, rinsing and drying in the washing machine.

Well, the other things that are oft forgotten in pockets before laundry, include tickets (bus, movie, park...), bills and receipts (supermarket, ATM receipts...) yada, yada, yada. Just a couple of days back, I discovered some crisp notes and an ancient shopping bill in my jeans pocket (jeans going through laundry is unimaginable in the first place, coz I usually "dryclean" - read, "hang it out to dry", but that subject is matter for another post, lest I digress).

Are currencies really designed to go through the laundry process? It isn't. It sort of fades off (doesn't it!), becomes crispier and if you put it out to dry in the sun it would perhaps just crumble.

But it should be made laundry-able, don't you think? The number of hands it changes, the sweat, the blood stains, the saliva, the grease, the tobacco and God knows what, justifies the need for a "hand (or) machine wash cum tumble dry cum steam iron"-able currency note. That way, the currency would be "crisp as new" for a long time to come. And just like how we iron, fold and stack clothes neatly in a wardrobe, we can stack these washed, dried and ironed notes in bundles of 100 and stash it away in the safe or in the bank as we please.

Ladies and ladas, I rest my case. Let's write to the RBI for laundry-able currency notes.


A New Beginning said...

Ha ha!But doesnt it feel like a great achievement when you find a note in your pockets which was long forgotten...I dont know why it makes you feel happy as it youve just dug gold ;)

Destiny's child said...

I am lucky to have a mother who is very particular about these things. But let's write to RBI anyway, I have a feeling my hostel life will make me do my clothes on my own.
An extremely...umm....futuristic kind of post. Yenjaayed! :)

The Holy Lama said...

High time they innovated on the currency note! I SECOND YOUR OPINION.

RGB said...

@ A New Beginning,
You are right. When you dig out such long forgotten money, it's like a new-found treasure! It's reason to celebrate :)

@ The Holy Lama,
Dear Mr.RBI...I hope you've started counting the votes.

@ Destiny's Child,
Mom-ies are always special (though my kids are not that fortunate!) for they always remember to check pockets before doing the laundry. And yeah...wait till you are on your own for such experiences. Just pray the RBI takes my opinion and starts minting laundry-able currency notes!

sujata sengupta said...

yah please count me in on this one, I have left many things including ipods in my jeans that have been washed over by the washing machine, I think everything should have a machine washable version..!

nsiyer said...

Hi RGB. Just yesterday, I left the cap of my hard drive in my pant pocket and it was well laundered. Luckily nothing happened except I trust he virus has been cleansed by the washing machine.

Bullshee said...

Makes absolute sense. I have lost hundreds of rupees in washing machine related accidents and it simply must stop,I say!

The government should answer to the cry for laundrable money! If not, the Finance Minister must resign today! :D

RGB said...

@Sujata, ipods? and after that, did all songs play with the 'gurgles' and the 'glugs'?

Arpz said...

its a good idea, the laundr-able money, rather me thinks it is like the right of every forgetful perrson to have such money. and the aah the joy of finding money. I once found it in the freezer ... cldnt stop smiling for the next half an hour.

RGB said...

Strange eh? The things that go in and out of the laundry. And if fortunate enough like you were, find it intact! Thanks for stopping by.

Makes sense, aye?. Has the Fin.Minister tendered his resignation yet?

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the idea too! Freezer? And I thought I was absent-minded, there are others far worse!