Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rain, rain come again

A welcome respite from the incessant heat and humidity, it's almost always rain, rain, come again (and not "go away" for little Johnny to play!). And the rains are here with a bang.

The harsh winds (what seems like a 100 miles/hr or more), the loud and roaring thunder (that frightens puppies and babies alike), the flash of lightning (that strikes across the skies and burns anything it comes in contact with to cinders), the dark and gloomy clouds (that carry such a foreboding and mournful appearance), the first few large drops of water (that is cool yet heavy), the smell of wet mud (that most of us love), the pitter-patter of the rains (that is fun when you're indoors, tucked in under the blanket or holding a cup of hot chocolate), the umbrellas of various shapes, sizes and colours (wet and dripping, opening and closing), the bigger vehicles splashing muddy water over smaller vehicles (and the smaller vehicles splashing it over pedestrians), the noise of toads and crickets after the rains (singing lovey-dovey songs perhaps), the puddles and pools (what's left of the rains, a gentle reminder of the water that we could have harvested and used during dry spell)...and I could go on pitter-patter about the rains, but it's got to stop somewhere, so I can get on with what I really started out to.

Much as I have waited for the rains, that is actually sweet relief, after the scorching heat and the sultry weather that has stretched from after the last monsoon, I prefer to enjoy it indoors. Watching the pitter-patter (and most often thunder & lightning means no power, which means no watching TV!), Singing with the kids (hubby lends the bass), Snacking (hot chocolate and hot bajji is my favourite!), and generally Lazying about.

The wet outdoors are quite a sight. I pull out my camera and take some random shots. The rains seem to bring everything around to life. Two boys playing cricket in the rain. Click. The green looks greener. Click. I go in, grab a snack. I step out. Two boys multiplied many times over. Enjoying cricket with the rain pouring down, the ball lost in the puddle. Click. I think the boys are crazy to play in the rain. They perhaps think, I am crazy to stay indoors.

Rain. Perspectives.

Here ends the incessant rains, the incessant chatter. But the toads and cricket continue with their croak-croak and crick-crick into the night.


A New Beginning said...

Aww thats such a refreshing post RGB..thanks a ton..wish it could rain in Delhi too :(
Enjoy the rains :)

Destiny's child... said...

The boys are having so much fun!
Yesterday, I was watching the rain with my parents and sister, with the puppies cuddling on our was just amazing :)

Nice post...I really wanted to read something feel-good like this one. Thank you :)

Bullshee said...

Cricket in the rain!

Ah! Bliss!

RGB said...

@ A New Beginning,
Rain is such a refreshing experience. Enjoying it while it lasts. Otherwise, it's just good summer and bad summer for us.

@ Destiny's Child,
I felt good too. Got to spend some time with the family. And I still think, the boys were crazy playing cricket in the slush!

@ Bullshee,
Boys will always be BOYS!

The Holy Lama said...

Perspectives that each one of us can connect to. Nice pic too.

RGB said...

@ The Holy Lama,
Thank God for rains! Glad u like the pic too.

Aleta said...

I love the rain.... a long as I don't have to drive in it :)

What a delightful picture of the kids playing in the rain. Made me smile.

RGB said...

@ Aleta,
Me too! I almost thought I was blind last evening when I drove back home, with the light "splattered" by the rain drops. And yeah, it was fun watching the boys play in the rain :)

Unknown said...

I love rain! It gives such a fresh and cleansing feeling. The last few lines on your post is nicely written. we do here the crick crick into the night and it's cool!

RGB said...

@ Shasha,
Glad you like the post. And thanks for stopping by.