Friday, July 16, 2010


She loves to strut around in an over-sized shoe
Walk high on heels with her tiny feet, but she’s all of two

She is bright and happy, naughty and yeah, accident-prone
From day to dusk, she keeps me on her toes, I thus bemoan

When she wakes up she wants the TV music turned on
And until the time she sleeps, it goes on and on and on

She hugs his t-shirt when he’s not around, feeling his warmth perhaps
And wraps my t around her neck to feel my embrace during her naps

She flashes the sweetest smile ever when up to a trick
And the heart, even if made of stone, will melt just as quick

She wants everything her bigger sister takes to study or play
She’s stubborn, nothing more - nothing less is just her way

She claps, she dances, she mimics, her actions speak a million words
And if you’re not looking, she’s on the table, licking up curds

Ne-po is the new word in her vocabulary, which she uses at will
She gets things done her way; you just can’t hold her still

She’s a little devil, at the same time, sweet as an angel
Fiddles with everything, but you can’t pull out the cudgel

She’ll jump off the ledge if you tell her “go”
She knows she’ll land safe, coz she trusts you so

All this and more, she is Becky, my darling baby
And I am discovering myself through her, maybe.

* Ne-po means go-away in the Gibberish Language Dictionary. She uses it - when she wants something (especially if it's something she shouldn't be wanting in the first place), when she wants things done her way, when she doesn't want somebody around her (after using up their service!), when she is fighting, etc. Wonder if we have a word like that in the Oxford English Dictionary that could mean all of this!


Insignia said...

Wow!! She is such a darling!

You have summarized her antics really well.

Ne-po it is!

The Holy Lama said...

A cute poem to describe the lovable Becky. Baby language is not cup of tea for the best of dictionaries.

Destiny's child... said...

The adorable Becky we all love so much! What a cute poem...make her read this when she grows up :)

A New Beginning said...

Aww, Becky sure is a darling :) Loved the way youve described everything about her...this only a mother can do :)

Ugich Konitari said...

How fast her little finger doth grow....

She wraps them all around it, saying ne-po, ne-po !

Lots of love and blessings to the spirited young "lady" ....:-)

RGB said...

@ Insignia,
Isn't she! Becky doesn't seem to be in a hurry to learn to speak in our language, so I'm having fun learning hers!

@ The Holy Lama,
I'm creating a Gibberish Language Dictionary. Maybe you can help :)

@ Destiny's Child,
She'd probably say "ne-po" to me, if she reads this :0

@ A New Beginning,
True...Becky is a darling, lovable, adorable and all that, and to her mother (that's me) she's the sweetest thing that could have ever happened!

RGB said...

@ Ugich Konitari,
You always respond "poetically" don't you! Thanks for your wishes and hope to see you around more often.

Nona said...

:) Nice poem.

sujata sengupta said...

such a cute child you have here..loved the word ne-po..its quite a catchy thing to say and repeat..maybe I will use it too!

Rajlakshmi said...

awwww she's such a lovely baby :)
and beautifulll poem on her :)

Neena Sharma said...

You've done a very good job in capturing Becky. She 'll adore teh poem when she grows up.:)

How do we know said...

she looks sooooooo cute! God Bless!!

anilkurup59 said...

My first glimpse of your Blog.
You have expressed the contentment of motherhood quite well through the little one.

RGB said...

Thanks :)

How about recommending it for inclusion in the Oxford Dictionary? Got a nice ring to it, eh! And, yeah...Becky is a sweetie pie :)

Thank you, says Becky's mommy :p

@Neena Sharma,
Thank you. Sure hope so!

@How do we know,
Thank you (2) for the lovely comment and for stopping by :)

Glad you think so. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around more often.

~G said...

very very cute! :)

Bikram said...

awwwwwwwwwww beutiful becky is .. god bless her and as earlier mentioned you have summarised her so well and what better way to live thsoe good old days all over again then through your own child... Beautiful God bless

RGB said...

@ G,
Gee...Thanks! and pls do drop-by as often as you can :)

@ Bikramjit,
Thanks:p Yeah, it's an opportunity to relive our early days through our children. It's God's gift to us.

Swaram said...

Aww thatz a beautiful poem. She is so cuteee :)

RGB said...

Thank you. And thanks for stopping by to drop your lovely comment:)

walk2write said...

It looks like Becky is taking a bow for you and your wonderful poem! She is a sweetie for sure. I wonder what her ne-po will be when she grows up? Versatile word, that one.

RGB said...

heh, heh...That's some pose Becky is striking, aye?! Yeah, ne-po's got a ring to it and maybe we should adopt some of these really flexible words that sound universal ;p

Rama Ananth said...

Just came from Neena's blog. You have written such a cute, lovely poem describing your daughter so well. She is adorable.
BTW, there is actually this word in Tamil: Ne Po, which means you go. Must have been a Tamilian in her previous birth to use this term so often.
I really enjoyed you poem.
Come and visit me sometime.

RGB said...

Thanks for stopping by. And I'm glad you like my "so-called" poem:p

Yeah, I know Tamil a bit and of Ni-po...but the way she says it, is a bit of the anglicized version that sounds quite different.

Tamil is such an ancient language...that it is quite probable that any of us would have been part of it, any time in our past;)

Latha Nair said...

Liked everything about your blog, starting with the names
zingthing and this 'n that :)
This is a cute little poem.
I could visualize your sweet Becky
and her antics quite well :)

RGB said...

Thank you Latha for your lovely comments (and for choosing to follow me)! I'm glad you like it. Oh, and Becky is up to so many new antics each day, I would have to dedicate a blog in her name ;)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello RGB:)

This is an endearing poem and written by an adoring mother. You child is very sweet and wonderful. Small children are truly amazing. I thought of my own children when they were young. How they change as they grow up.

Little children have divinity in them.Even the smallest things which we don't notice gives them immense joy and thrill.They have absolute trust in their parents.This is the time to enjoy them, to hold them,to fuss them, to cuddle them,to pamper them and so on. A time will come when they will grow up and they will not even catch your hands.They will have friends of their own and have their own preferences.

Your sweet little darling baby is a modern baby. I say this because she wants the TV on all the time:)

Your poem full of admiration for your child is well crafted and paints beautiful pictures of your darling little girl.

Best wishes:)

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

this has got to be one of the best "mom about their kid" posts I've read.. sweet

RGB said...

@Joseph Pulikotil,
The best I could do to put down my baby's everyday antics. It's fascinating to watch kids grow before our eyes. How their tastes and preferences change with every passing day! Thanks for your comments and hoping to see you around.

@Dr Roshan R
Gee thanks! That's some compliment! And thanks very much for stopping by. Hope to see you around more often.

Asif said...

Becky really is an amazing girl, very sweet and darling indeed. I can understand all her actions as I too have a niece who was once exactly like Becky when she was 2.
BTW first time here, really liked the happiness your kids have to spread in the blogs villa :) through your posts.
From the name zing thing , I remembered a very famous ad which I used to watch as a kid and used to love it. The zing thing-GOLDSPOT...hehehe look now it is the same~zing thing- BLOGSPOT. :D

RGB said...

@ Asif,
Yup, she is a sweetheart. And my kids are reason enough to keep me smiling through and through.

And yes...I remember the Goldspot ad. Zing thing has a ring to it, doesn't it!

Thanks for stopping by and do visit the zing thing of blogspot more often :P

radha said...

A real cutie-pie. Adorable. Lucky you.

RGB said...

Isn't she! Yup, lucky me ;)

HaRy!! said...

angel she is!!! ne po is go away in tamil...gibberish eh :)

RGB said...

Sure is. Tamil is more like ni-po, right? Gibberish is ne-po (a bit anglicized)! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you more often.